2015-03-30 Laurent Georgetactivity_diagrams: Bump version number master origin/54589c766edcebcb213bbbb64c736a1f432fd3fb origin/HEAD origin/master
2015-03-30 Laurent Georgetactivity_diagrams: Add support for URLs
2015-03-23 Laurent GeorgetNodeDumper: Close " at the right place
2015-03-18 Laurent GeorgetParameterize the activity graph to dump categories
2015-03-18 Laurent GeorgetMove definition of Node::index from activity_graph...
2015-03-18 Laurent GeorgetAdd category field in Edge and Node classes
2015-03-05 Laurent GeorgetHardcopy boost.m4 inside project
2015-03-03 Laurent GeorgetDocumentation for Kayrebt
2015-02-03 Laurent GeorgetFix library name -> 'activity_diagram'
2015-02-02 Laurent GeorgetFinalize the new autotools setup
2015-02-02 Laurent GeorgetMerge branch 'libclean'
2015-02-02 Laurent GeorgetIgnore more autotools or release files
2015-02-02 Laurent GeorgetEliminate merge nodes with no input edge
2015-01-30 Laurent GeorgetAdd NodeModifier visitor origin/libclean
2015-01-30 Laurent GeorgetRemove superfluous merge nodes
2015-01-28 Laurent GeorgetAdd simplification method
2015-01-28 Laurent GeorgetNode: Replace circle by ellipse in output
2015-01-28 Laurent Georgetsrc/ Install headers
2015-01-27 Laurent GeorgetIgnore autotools files
2015-01-27 Laurent GeorgetAdd autotools configuration
2015-01-27 Laurent GeorgetRepackage the whole project
2015-01-27 Laurent GeorgetProvide dot-like output
2015-01-27 Laurent Georgettypes.h: Include activity_graph header
2015-01-21 Laurent GeorgetFix regression in ActivityGraph constructor
2015-01-21 Laurent GeorgetProvide dot-like output for nodes
2015-01-21 Laurent GeorgetDon't expose boost headers - 2nd attempt
2015-01-21 Laurent GeorgetEncapsulate initial node
2015-01-20 Laurent GeorgetDon't expose boost headers
2015-01-20 Laurent GeorgetSet lib name to
2015-01-16 Laurent GeorgetLet users set labels everywhere
2015-01-16 Laurent GeorgetAdd object nodes
2015-01-16 Laurent GeorgetSet compilation target to .so library
2015-01-16 Laurent GeorgetRemove test case from master branch
2015-01-16 Laurent GeorgetRemove guards altogether
2015-01-15 Laurent GeorgetFix validation methods with test case
2015-01-15 Laurent GeorgetGenericize the node verifier
2015-01-15 Laurent GeorgetAdd three validation methods
2015-01-14 Laurent GeorgetComplete ActivityGraph.{h,cpp}
2015-01-14 Laurent GeorgetProper identifiers hierarchy
2015-01-13 Laurent GeorgetNew identifier hierarchy
2015-01-13 Laurent GeorgetFix non sensical constructor for Guard
2015-01-13 Laurent GeorgetIgnore compilation files
2015-01-13 Laurent GeorgetAdd branch attribute in Node
2015-01-13 Laurent Georgetffix
2015-01-13 Laurent GeorgetRebranch successors only on INIT and ACTION nodes
2015-01-12 Laurent GeorgetSpecial vim config
2015-01-12 Laurent GeorgetRework
2015-01-09 Laurent GeorgetFirst version