2017-02-15 Laurent GeorgetAdd the loop properties among the necessary GCC propert... master origin/HEAD origin/master
2016-02-11 Laurent GeorgetBump version and release numbers
2016-02-11 Laurent GeorgetEliminate only merge nodes without predecessors
2016-02-11 Laurent GeorgetAdd the 'header' attribute to graphs
2016-02-11 Laurent GeorgetSpecify more precisely the return type of getLabel()
2016-02-11 Laurent GeorgetAdd a test of correctness for init nodes
2016-02-08 Laurent GeorgetUpdate the GCC properties required in the pass declaration
2016-02-03 Laurent GeorgetBump version number
2016-02-03 Laurent GeorgetRemove the simplifyMergeNodes step
2016-02-03 Laurent GeorgetAdd BBs' ending nodes to _labelled_nodes
2016-01-22 Laurent GeorgetBump version number and libtool versioning
2016-01-21 Laurent GeorgetEliminate the unnecessary distinction between {,'&...
2016-01-21 Laurent GeorgetDuplicate a prototype in #ifdef #else #end to eliminate...
2016-01-21 Laurent GeorgetTreat kayrebt::Identifier as light and trivially-copyable
2016-01-20 Laurent GeorgetHandle edges correctly when basic blocks start with...
2016-01-14 Laurent GeorgetHandle properly TARGET_MEM_REF values origin/ssa
2016-01-14 Laurent GeorgetManage the erasing of nodes properly: hand the attribut...
2016-01-14 Laurent GeorgetDump args of PHI nodes in a specific attribute
2016-01-14 Laurent GeorgetOutput the predecessors of the PHI nodes as attributes
2016-01-14 Laurent Georgetactiity_diagram: Separate the eviction of nodes from...
2016-01-14 Laurent GeorgetInclude the version number in SSA names
2016-01-14 Laurent GeorgetImplement the arbitrary offset from pointers in MemRef
2016-01-14 Laurent GeorgetGive the default operator a body instead of empty string
2016-01-14 Laurent GeorgetIterate over phi nodes and output them like GCC
2016-01-14 Laurent GeorgetPlug the Extractor at the last possible pass
2016-01-14 Laurent GeorgetTreat Gimple PHI exprs as a special case of functions
2016-01-14 Laurent GeorgetDump at the SSA level, after inlining
2016-01-14 Laurent GeorgetRework the URL format generated by URLFinder
2016-01-04 Laurent GeorgetSimplify the locus macros used in the main function
2016-01-04 Laurent GeorgetAdd view_convert_expr as a dont-care value
2015-12-02 Laurent GeorgetIgnore Doxyfile and doxyfile.stamp
2015-11-25 Laurent GeorgetImprove the dumping of functions
2015-11-23 Laurent GeorgetDo not output clobber assign statements
2015-11-19 Laurent GeorgetDump operators more cleanly
2015-11-19 Laurent GeorgetTreat unhandled expressions as errors
2015-11-04 Laurent GeorgetDump formal parameters of functions
2015-10-27 Laurent GeorgetRelease version 3.1.0
2015-10-27 Laurent Georgetlibactivity_diagram v2.0.1
2015-10-27 Laurent GeorgetUse lists instead of sets for efficiency in adjacency_l...
2015-10-27 Laurent GeorgetOutput end-of-flow instead of end-of-activity at the...
2015-10-27 Laurent GeorgetReorganize Boost dependencies in
2015-10-27 Laurent GeorgetEnsure that all nodes have a label and a type
2015-10-27 Laurent GeorgetOutput the type of each node in the diagram
2015-10-27 Laurent GeorgetRevert "Change the type of the graph and remove the...
2015-10-22 Laurent GeorgetRelease version 3.0.0 v3.0
2015-10-22 Laurent GeorgetDo not clean Doxyfile as it is not produced by make
2015-10-22 Laurent GeorgetRelease candidate 2, Version 2.0 of activity_diagrams
2015-10-22 Laurent GeorgetChange the type of the graph and remove the id from...
2015-10-21 Laurent GeorgetRelease candidate 4, Version 3.0
2015-10-21 Laurent GeorgetOutput consistently object nodes when the left hand...
2015-10-21 Laurent GeorgetOutput the label even if it's empty
2015-10-21 Laurent GeorgetRelease candidate 3, Version 3.0
2015-10-21 Laurent GeorgetFix incorrect variable name in Makefile
2015-10-21 Laurent GeorgetEnsure that all nodes have a label
2015-10-21 Laurent GeorgetUse CC instead of gcc when installing the symlink in...
2015-10-20 Laurent GeorgetDo not export boost headers to the plugin code
2015-10-20 Laurent GeorgetRelease candidate 2, Version 3.0
2015-10-20 Laurent GeorgetHandle categories in the new attributes API
2015-10-20 Laurent GeorgetEscape and quote attribute strings with boost::escape_d...
2015-10-20 Laurent GeorgetValidate the activity diagram before printing it
2015-10-20 Laurent GeorgetBump version number 3.0-rc1
2015-10-20 Laurent GeorgetImplement the new attribute API in the plugin
2015-10-20 Laurent GeorgetRemove the old hard-coded attributes
2015-10-18 Laurent GeorgetAdd documentation for undocumented elements
2015-09-04 Laurent GeorgetExtractor: bump version number 2.0-rc1
2015-09-04 Laurent GeorgetExtract the source file and line information to improve...
2015-09-04 Laurent GeorgetActivityDiagram: bump version number
2015-09-04 Laurent GeorgetEmbed the source file and line information in diagrams
2015-08-28 Laurent GeorgetOutput the node type along with its shape
2015-08-26 Laurent GeorgetRemove the post-processing scripts from this project
2015-06-23 Laurent GeorgetRemove the tests/ dir altogether and update the README
2015-06-23 Laurent GeorgetManually add tests/ and scripts/ to the releases, witho...
2015-06-23 Laurent GeorgetInclude in releases
2015-06-23 Laurent GeorgetInclude LICENCE file in the releases
2015-06-23 Laurent GeorgetExplicitly include and custom.css files...
2015-06-23 Laurent GeorgetRelease v1.0.1 1.0.1
2015-06-23 Laurent GeorgetFix ISRA bug
2015-06-23 Laurent GeorgetMore output in
2015-06-23 Laurent GeorgetRemove Doxyfile files when cleaning
2015-06-19 Laurent GeorgetAdd a clipall script to extract all the dot files from...
2015-06-18 Laurent Georgetactdiags: Change project name and description
2015-06-18 Laurent GeorgetAdd the tree view in the documentation
2015-06-18 Laurent GeorgetAdd custom CSS for Doxygen
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetRelease version 1.0 1.0
2015-06-17 Laurent Let the user extract the individual graphs...
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetAdd more debug output to show the output file
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetUpdate the README file with the new name of the project
2015-05-27 Laurent GeorgetUrlFinder: Correct the construction of the path
2015-05-22 Laurent GeorgetInstall the plugin in GCC's directory under the name...
2015-05-22 Laurent Add doxygen.h to the list of files
2015-05-22 Laurent GeorgetDocument the configuration and usage of the plugin
2015-05-22 Laurent GeorgetRename the projet Kayrebt::Extractor
2015-05-21 Laurent Add make_unique.h
2015-05-21 Laurent Georgetconfigurator.cpp: Include yaml-cpp/ path in #include
2015-05-21 Laurent GeorgetActivityGraphDumper: comment fix
2015-05-20 Laurent GeorgetCorrect the version checking
2015-05-13 Laurent GeorgetReindent properly and make the code more homogeneous
2015-05-13 Laurent GeorgetAdd some missing Doxygen comments
2015-05-06 Laurent GeorgetMake a brief description for array_ref.h
2015-05-06 Laurent GeorgetAdd a 'make_unique' method for smart pointer