descriptionPlugin GCC permettant d'obtenir le graphe d'activité de fonctions C
ownerLaurent Georget
last changeWed, 15 Feb 2017 16:26:59 +0000 (17:26 +0100)
2017-02-15 Laurent GeorgetAdd the loop properties among the necessary GCC propert... master origin/HEAD origin/master
2016-02-11 Laurent GeorgetBump version and release numbers
2016-02-11 Laurent GeorgetEliminate only merge nodes without predecessors
2016-02-11 Laurent GeorgetAdd the 'header' attribute to graphs
2016-02-11 Laurent GeorgetSpecify more precisely the return type of getLabel()
2016-02-11 Laurent GeorgetAdd a test of correctness for init nodes
2016-02-08 Laurent GeorgetUpdate the GCC properties required in the pass declaration
2016-02-03 Laurent GeorgetBump version number
2016-02-03 Laurent GeorgetRemove the simplifyMergeNodes step
2016-02-03 Laurent GeorgetAdd BBs' ending nodes to _labelled_nodes
2016-01-22 Laurent GeorgetBump version number and libtool versioning
2016-01-21 Laurent GeorgetEliminate the unnecessary distinction between {,'&...
2016-01-21 Laurent GeorgetDuplicate a prototype in #ifdef #else #end to eliminate...
2016-01-21 Laurent GeorgetTreat kayrebt::Identifier as light and trivially-copyable
2016-01-20 Laurent GeorgetHandle edges correctly when basic blocks start with...
2016-01-14 Laurent GeorgetHandle properly TARGET_MEM_REF values origin/ssa
5 years ago v3.0 Release version 3.0
5 years ago 3.0-rc1 Version 3.0, Release candidate 1
5 years ago 2.0-rc1 Add source file and line informatio...
5 years ago 1.0.1 Release v1.0.1
5 years ago 1.0 Version 1.0
5 years ago v1.0-rc2 Version 1.0-rc2
6 years ago cfg Outputs the CFG (before SSA transfo...
6 years ago gimple Outputs the GIMPLE in either text...
6 years ago ast Outputs the AST in either text...
6 years ago compilable
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