2014-12-04 Laurent GeorgetDon't highlight incoming edges master origin/HEAD origin/master
2014-12-03 Laurent GeorgetColor nodes and edges on hovering
2014-12-03 Laurent GeorgetAdd 'hiding' functionality v0.1
2014-12-03 Laurent GeorgetMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'
2014-12-03 lgeorgetCreate
2014-12-03 lgeorgetInitial commit
2014-12-03 Laurent GeorgetAdd Edge class as QGraphicsObject subclass to represent...
2014-12-03 Laurent GeorgetRefactor association between Node and Graph
2014-12-02 Laurent GeorgetCreate class Node
2014-12-02 Laurent GeorgetIgnore qtcreator session file
2014-12-02 Laurent GeorgetMake the viewer work minimally
2014-12-02 Laurent GeorgetRebooting the project
2014-12-01 Laurent GeorgetVersion initiale