2016-04-02 Laurent GeorgetUse Input::reset to simplify master origin/HEAD origin/master
2016-04-02 Laurent GeorgetAdd missing 'throw' in parser
2016-03-19 Laurent GeorgetAdd/Remove paragraphs
2016-03-19 Laurent GeorgetRemove Paragraph::clearInput() which is no longer used
2016-03-19 Laurent GeorgetAdd missing documentation and configure doxygen
2016-03-19 Laurent GeorgetHandle the closing of std::cin
2016-03-19 Laurent GeorgetFix some mistakes in the paragraphs
2016-03-19 Laurent GeorgetImplement some helper functions to manipulate std:...
2016-03-18 Laurent GeorgetImplement all classes
2016-03-18 Laurent GeorgetFix a few paragraphs, some mistakes may remain
2016-03-18 Laurent GeorgetImplement the parser
2016-03-18 Laurent GeorgetAdd the definitions of the classes with the documentation
2016-03-18 Laurent GeorgetAdd the scenario