2016-01-11 Laurent GeorgetMake first version of the GraphPresenter webpage master origin/HEAD origin/master
2016-01-10 Laurent GeorgetExtract more information and print report
2015-12-02 Laurent GeorgetPut the examine_paths subproject in a separate dir...
2015-12-02 Laurent GeorgetExamine edges in its own dir
2015-11-30 Laurent GeorgetAdd first version of examine_edges
2015-11-19 Laurent GeorgetInclude the regex-based node marker in the repo
2015-11-12 Laurent GeorgetRemove an unused variable
2015-11-12 Laurent GeorgetPerform stricter sanity checks and asserts
2015-11-10 Laurent GeorgetCheck for Boost.Filesystem
2015-11-10 Laurent GeorgetRevise the Begin/End predicates in includer
2015-11-10 Laurent GeorgetLint graphs before export
2015-11-10 Laurent GeorgetFirst version of the linter
2015-11-08 Laurent GeorgetOutput the graphs in a selected repository
2015-11-08 Laurent GeorgetOutput all graphs
2015-11-06 Laurent GeorgetConstify the NodeMarker so that it can be shared across...
2015-11-06 Laurent GeorgetFix synchronisation and make expander deterministic
2015-11-06 Laurent GeorgetFirst verrsion of expander
2015-11-03 Laurent GeorgetRecursively include graphs
2015-10-28 Laurent GeorgetDeal with empty graphs
2015-10-28 Laurent GeorgetReplace a map by a vector to store the indices of graphin
2015-10-28 Laurent GeorgetExpand all function nodes in a graph
2015-10-26 Laurent GeorgetFix the inclusion algorithm to make it simpler and...
2015-10-23 Laurent GeorgetFirst try to implement the includer algorithm
2015-10-22 Laurent GeorgetIgnore all properties not expected in cleaner
2015-10-22 Laurent GeorgetFix the grapher to take into account the removal of...
2015-10-22 Laurent GeorgetChange the type of the graphe to Vertices:vecS and...
2015-10-22 Laurent GeorgetRefine the algorithms to avoid duplicating nodes after...
2015-10-22 Laurent GeorgetFix the BCG->graph algorithm to take into account non...
2015-10-21 Laurent GeorgetAdd the taucompression reduction to the run_all_graphs...
2015-10-21 Laurent GeorgetChange the type of 'type' to std::string for diagrams...
2015-10-19 Laurent GeorgetAdd two simple scripts to run all possible minimization...
2015-10-19 Laurent GeorgetDo not maintain the original node shapes in grapher
2015-10-17 Laurent GeorgetMake configure.ac more generic
2015-10-17 Laurent GeorgetImplement the new version of the algorithms
2015-10-16 Laurent GeorgetDon't remove 'Doxyfile' on clean as it's built by confi...
2015-10-16 Laurent GeorgetMake reverse translation LTS -> graph
2015-10-15 Laurent GeorgetMake stubs for the grapher program
2015-10-15 Laurent GeorgetUpdate the Doxyfile
2015-10-15 Laurent GeorgetMake the error messages slightly better
2015-10-15 Laurent GeorgetFix an off-by-one in findInitNode()
2015-10-15 Laurent GeorgetDon't omit last node, which has no outgoing edge
2015-10-15 Laurent GeorgetFix all the property maps and call the algorithm
2015-10-15 Laurent GeorgetComply with CADP stupid rules and make -all-static
2015-10-14 Laurent GeorgetFirst version of the code, not compiling well due to...
2015-10-14 Laurent GeorgetDecide to go for Boost after all...
2015-10-13 Laurent GeorgetUse libcgraph instead of libxdot
2015-10-12 Laurent GeorgetIgnore a lot of autoconf files
2015-10-12 Laurent GeorgetInitialize the repository