2016-04-08 Laurent GeorgetHandle pointer constraints (!=,==,...) master origin/HEAD origin/master
2016-04-04 Laurent GeorgetChange how loops are handled, make the analysis much...
2016-03-27 Laurent GeorgetUpdate gitignore
2016-03-27 Laurent GeorgetDocument everything
2016-03-25 Laurent GeorgetOutput statistics
2016-03-25 Laurent GeorgetAdd an argument 'function' for the plugin
2016-03-25 Laurent GeorgetHandle simple casts in constraints
2016-03-25 Laurent GeorgetPrint the paths as they are found
2016-03-25 Laurent GeorgetAdd the DebugMe sink
2016-03-24 Laurent GeorgetFix some predicates with obvious mistakes...
2016-03-24 Laurent GeorgetHandle loops and regular basic blocks differently
2016-03-24 Laurent GeorgetRefactor all the graph walk and the configuration update
2016-03-24 Laurent GeorgetFix the construction of constraints
2016-03-21 Laurent GeorgetRefactor a lot the Evaluator to make the construction...
2016-03-18 Laurent GeorgetMake matchFlow() a predicate looking for a dummy functi...
2016-03-18 Laurent GeorgetAdd the loop structure as a required property
2016-03-14 Laurent GeorgetAdd a virtual destructor to RichBasicBlock for use...
2016-03-14 Laurent GeorgetFix the DFS visit and the LoopBasicBlock construction
2016-03-11 Laurent GeorgetImplement the loop nodes
2016-03-10 Laurent GeorgetCode the behavior for more types of nodes
2016-03-04 Laurent GeorgetReintroduce Yices and the constraints
2016-03-04 Laurent GeorgetInclude backward edges in dfs_visit
2016-03-02 Laurent GeorgetMove the responsability of dealing with the types of...
2016-03-02 Laurent GeorgetAdd the Phi nodes in the evaluation of paths
2016-03-02 Laurent GeorgetSet up most of the algorithm
2016-02-29 Laurent GeorgetSet up the build chain
2016-02-29 Laurent GeorgetImplement the construction of the subgraph