2016-05-02 Laurent GeorgetMerge development branch master origin/HEAD origin/master
2016-05-02 Laurent Georgethighlighting: Recognize a function even when the closin...
2016-02-15 Laurent GeorgetIncrease version number
2016-02-15 Laurent GeorgetFix the looping "Cannot open source file" message window
2016-01-22 Laurent GeorgetInclude a file system tree view of the diagrams directory
2015-12-17 Laurent GeorgetRemove coupling between subwindow activation and code...
2015-12-17 Laurent GeorgetRemove cluttering debug information
2015-11-18 Laurent GeorgetChange the display of the source panel
2015-11-18 Laurent GeorgetOpen the correct source file when displaying graphs...
2015-11-05 Laurent GeorgetFix a huge an obvious memory leak in Graph
2015-11-04 Laurent GeorgetUnhighlight the nodes and edges when making nodes invisible
2015-11-04 Laurent GeorgetRemove the _nodes and _edges deallocation in Graph
2015-11-04 Laurent GeorgetFix a null pointer dereference due to the edges pointer...
2015-10-29 Laurent GeorgetMake the code linkable against libcgraph.so.6
2015-10-29 Laurent GeorgetHandle properly the custom event resolution
2015-09-23 Laurent GeorgetWhen closing a subwindow, switch to the last opened one
2015-09-23 Laurent GeorgetForce the source text viewer closed before first graph...
2015-09-17 Laurent GeorgetSynchronize access on GraphViz context
2015-09-17 Laurent GeorgetMove the construction of diagrams in another thread
2015-09-16 Laurent GeorgetExport the building of the diagrams to another method
2015-09-16 Laurent GeorgetCall GraphViz's aginit()
2015-09-16 Laurent GeorgetEnable resizing the source panel in all cases
2015-09-16 Laurent GeorgetFit graph into the window when opening
2015-09-16 Laurent GeorgetAdjust the widths of all columns in the database
2015-09-15 Laurent GeorgetGraphics improvements for the multidocuments interface
2015-09-15 Laurent GeorgetRemove spurious include <QtAlgorithm>
2015-09-15 Laurent GeorgetSmall visual improvements on the interface
2015-09-08 Laurent GeorgetFix several small issues in the code style
2015-09-07 Laurent GeorgetSmoothen the cursor moves in te source viewer
2015-09-07 Laurent GeorgetUpdate the README
2015-09-07 Laurent GeorgetHighlight line in source file when hovering a node
2015-09-04 Laurent GeorgetScroll to function definition when opening a graph
2015-09-04 Laurent GeorgetDisplay the source file where the function is defined...
2015-09-03 Laurent GeorgetAdd a view of the source file under exploration
2015-08-28 Laurent GeorgetFilter non source files in the tree view
2015-08-28 Laurent GeorgetFix a free-after-non-use in edge.cpp
2015-08-28 Laurent GeorgetImprove the drawing of edges, especially the arrow...
2015-08-26 Laurent GeorgetRemove useless menu item
2015-08-26 Laurent GeorgetRevert the ResizeToContent setting for docks
2015-08-26 Laurent GeorgetPut the filters in their own framebox
2015-08-26 Laurent GeorgetAnglicize the interface
2015-06-19 Laurent GeorgetAdd accessors for id in Drawing and Graph
2015-06-19 Laurent GeorgetChange warning message when attempting to open an unexi...
2015-06-18 Laurent GeorgetFix the documentation for the list of source files
2015-06-18 Laurent GeorgetFix some quirks in hte documentation
2015-06-18 Laurent GeorgetAdd GraphViz diagrams in the documentation
2015-06-18 Laurent GeorgetReplace custom.css by a diff with autogenerated CSS
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetCustomize Doxygen CSS
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetAdd Doxyfile
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetDocument class Viewer
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetDocument main.cpp
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetReindent properly viewer.h
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetDocument class SourceTreeWidget
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetDocument class PreferencesDialog
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetDocument class Node
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetDocument class HyperlinkActivatedEvent
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetDocument classes GraphItem and GraphItemModel
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetDocument class Graph
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetDocument class Element
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetDocument class Edge
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetDocument Drawing
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetDocument DatabaseViewer
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetDatabaseViewer: change conditions for initializing...
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetAdd license information and README
2015-06-17 Laurent GeorgetDocument DatabaseSortFilterProxyModel
2015-06-08 Laurent GeorgetMake the symbol database the first tab
2015-06-08 Laurent GeorgetRemove diagrams from history view
2015-06-08 Laurent GeorgetGive the history a tree structure
2015-06-04 Laurent GeorgetChange the main window's title to "Kayrebt::Viewer"
2015-06-02 Laurent GeorgetProvide the classes with a well-formed GraphItemModel
2015-06-02 Laurent GeorgetRefactor databaseviewer.cpp and databaseviewer.ui
2015-06-02 Laurent GeorgetOpen graph through the history tab
2015-06-02 Laurent GeorgetAdd a history view for diagrams under exploration
2015-06-02 Laurent GeorgetPopulate the database entirely before setting the filte...
2015-06-02 Laurent GeorgetSet initial position for the diagrams to the top
2015-06-01 Laurent GeorgetCompare subwindows' canonical titles
2015-06-01 Laurent GeorgetFix some strange behaviours when highlighting
2015-05-28 Laurent GeorgetEnable the resetting of the graph
2015-05-28 Laurent GeorgetCorrect the access to attributes (use macros when possible)
2015-05-28 Laurent GeorgetAdd hyperlinks between graphs
2015-05-25 Laurent GeorgetClean and implement last basic features
2015-05-24 Laurent GeorgetMinimal interface