descriptionBrowser and visualizer for the Kayrebt activity diagrams
ownerLaurent Georget
last changeMon, 2 May 2016 07:34:28 +0000 (09:34 +0200)
2016-05-02 Laurent GeorgetMerge development branch master origin/HEAD origin/master
2016-05-02 Laurent Georgethighlighting: Recognize a function even when the closin...
2016-02-15 Laurent GeorgetIncrease version number
2016-02-15 Laurent GeorgetFix the looping "Cannot open source file" message window
2016-01-22 Laurent GeorgetInclude a file system tree view of the diagrams directory
2015-12-17 Laurent GeorgetRemove coupling between subwindow activation and code...
2015-12-17 Laurent GeorgetRemove cluttering debug information
2015-11-18 Laurent GeorgetChange the display of the source panel
2015-11-18 Laurent GeorgetOpen the correct source file when displaying graphs...
2015-11-05 Laurent GeorgetFix a huge an obvious memory leak in Graph
2015-11-04 Laurent GeorgetUnhighlight the nodes and edges when making nodes invisible
2015-11-04 Laurent GeorgetRemove the _nodes and _edges deallocation in Graph
2015-11-04 Laurent GeorgetFix a null pointer dereference due to the edges pointer...
2015-10-29 Laurent GeorgetMake the code linkable against
2015-10-29 Laurent GeorgetHandle properly the custom event resolution
2015-09-23 Laurent GeorgetWhen closing a subwindow, switch to the last opened one
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