2015-11-20 Laurent GeorgetGenerate the database and then the graphs in one shot... master origin/HEAD origin/master
2015-11-20 Laurent GeorgetFix the creation of symlinks for syscalls (wrong variab...
2015-10-21 Laurent GeorgetConsider any digraph name and not only 'd'
2015-10-21 Laurent GeorgetFix the escaping of paths in tar generation
2015-09-07 Laurent GeorgetCreate symlinks from sys_... to SYSC_...
2015-08-31 Laurent GeorgetChange kernel configuration correctly
2015-08-31 Laurent GeorgetFetch from remote 'linux' in all cases and warn the...
2015-08-31 Laurent GeorgetUpdate krdumpall with Kayrebt::Extractor's new name
2015-08-26 Laurent GeorgetFix the database generation
2015-08-26 Laurent GeorgetDocumentation for krdump and krdumpall
2015-08-26 Laurent GeorgetMerge branch 'master' from github.com:lgeorget/Kayrebt...
2015-08-26 Laurent GeorgetClean the scripts for release
2015-08-26 Laurent GeorgetInitial commit
2015-08-26 Laurent GeorgetAdd missing scripts in this project
2015-08-26 Laurent GeorgetPort the improvements from dumpall.sh to dump.sh
2015-08-26 Laurent GeorgetImplement the no-clone and the make-db options for...
2015-08-26 Laurent GeorgetRemove SOURCES configuration option from kayrebtdumpall
2015-03-26 Laurent GeorgetAutomatically check out FETCH_HEAD
2015-03-26 Laurent Georgetkayreptdumpall.sh: Correct tar command
2015-03-26 Laurent GeorgetFix git remote command
2015-03-26 Laurent GeorgetUpdate the set of valid options
2015-03-26 Laurent GeorgetMake file extension substitution more explicit
2015-03-26 Laurent GeorgetFetch from the official kernel
2015-03-26 Laurent GeorgetExclude erroneously included png file from repository
2015-03-26 Laurent Georgetclip.pl: Add missing parenthesis
2015-03-26 Laurent GeorgetSupport single-file configuration
2015-03-26 Laurent GeorgetAdd a script to dump graphs for all functions in the...
2015-03-17 Laurent Georgetclip.pl: Verify the state of the output file before...
2015-03-06 Laurent GeorgetActually extract diagrams from the clone tree, not...
2015-03-06 Laurent GeorgetUse a temporary tree for diagram extraction
2015-03-06 Laurent Georgetclip.pl: make syntax consistent
2015-03-06 Laurent GeorgetAdd new options in README
2015-03-06 Laurent GeorgetFix stupid obvious mistakes in code
2015-03-05 Laurent GeorgetLet the user checkout the version she wants
2015-03-05 Laurent GeorgetREADME
2015-03-05 Laurent GeorgetScriptify Kayrebt